Tarantdrone sound performance

Tarantdrone refers to the typical southern Italy folk music and dance style called Tarantella. The Tarantella has its origins in the 17th century and traditional lore explains its creation: When a person was bitten by a spider, musicians came to the house of the envenomed person to play the Tarantella. Stimulated by the fast music, the victim began to dance. Through the movements, the poison was expelled from their body and the individual was cured.

How would it sound if there were no musicians around to play the Tarantella?
Tarantdrone is an assumption of a person's feelings after being bitten by a spider - a musical interpretation of the poison spreading through the body, manipulating the senses. The fast tempo of the typical Tarantella gets slowed down to a drone-like sound. The traditional instruments (mandolin, tambourine, jaw harp, and triangle) were utilized for sound, but they were controlled by specially constructed machines. Like a body controlled by strange substances.

suported by: I-Art

Photos: Robert Mathy