Springfield RVL-003 sound performance

The Springfield RVL-003 is a band founded in the year 2007, based on a sound instrument named "breath control" by Jan Perschy. This instrument consists of a Wii-Remote that is mounted with springs in front of a speaker, . Everything is put on a microphone tripod and up it goes. By hitting, shifting, and varying the position of the remote, the band member can modify the individual sound. This played sound will be played back on the resonance body, the speaker.

The tripod is used as a mounting, the joints simulating a coordinate system in the real environment; therefore, the "field of sound" can be manipulated by changing the position of the remote and the position of the speaker. So the player can occupy the room an fill it with sound.

Performer: Jan Perschy, Merlin Wyschka, Robert Mathy
Picture: Jan Perschy