Waste photo

The work "waste" was developed during a two month artist-in-residence program in the Public Room Sarajevo gallery. The work consists of photographs taken at night of minefieldst nearby Sarajevo. With a special lightning technology purpose-built for this project by the artist, a grid of horizontal lines was projected by a laser beam to illuminate the landscape. The resulting images refer to the disconcerting circumstances radiated by these life-threatening areas. The seemingly inconspicuous territories, mostly settled in the beauty of nature, are like black spots on a map. One can not enter – only a viewpoint from outside is possible to perceive the area. Like waste of a war that ended 19 years ago.

The series consists of five digital pigment prints (70x46cm)

suported by:
Das Land Steiermark | Kultur, Europa, Ausenbeziehungen
Bundeskanzleramt Österreich | Kunst

Photos: Robert Mathy